RAS Mains Exam Paper-III Syllabus 2023 Download


Paper-III General Knowledge and General Studies Syllabus

RPSC RAS Mains Paper-III has been divided into three units- Indian Political System, World Politics and Current Affairs, Concepts, Issues and Dynamics of Public Administration and Management, Administrative Ethics, Behaviour, and Law. Below we have provided detailed syllabus for Paper-III.

RAS Mains Exam Paper-3 Syllabus

Unit-I Indian Political System, World Politics and Current Affairs Syllabus

  1. Indian Constitution
  2. Ideological Contents: Institutional framework- I, Institutional Framework- II, Institutional Framework- III
  3. Political Dynamics
  4. State Politics of Rajasthan
  5. Emerging World Order in the post-Cold War era, USA’s hegemony and its resistance, UN and Regional Organizations, International Terrorism, and Environmental issues
  6. Foreign Policy of India
  7. Geo-political and Strategic development in South Asia, South East Asia, and West Asia and their impact on India
  8. Current Affairs

Unit-II Concepts, Issues and Dynamics of Public Administration and Management Syllabus

  1. Administration and management: Meaning, nature, and significance. Its role in developed & developing societies. Evolution of Public Administration as a discipline, new public administration, Theories of public administration
  2. Concepts of power, authority, legitimacy, responsibility, and delegation
  3. Principles of organization: Hierarchy, Span of control and unity of command
  4. Functions of management, Corporate governance, and social responsibility
  5. New dimensions of public management, management of change
  6. Attitude and foundational values of civil services: integrity, impartiality, and non-partisanship, dedication to public service, the relationship between generalists and specialists
  7. Legislative & Judicial control over administration: various methods and techniques of legislative & judicial control
  8. Administrative setup, administrative culture in Rajasthan: Governor, Chief Minister, Council of Ministers, State Secretariat, and Chief Secretary
  9. District administration: organization, the role of District Collector and Superintendent of Police, Sub-divisional, and Tehsil administration
  10. Development Administration: Meaning, Scope, and Characteristics
  11. State Human Rights Commission, State Election Commission, Lokayukta, Rajasthan Public Service Commission, Public Service Guarantee Act, 2011

Unit-III Administrative Ethics, Behaviour, and Law Syllabus

Part A: Administrative Ethics

  1. Dimensions of Ethics
  2. Administrative Ethics
  3. Ethics in Private and Public Relationships

Part A: Behaviour

  1. Intelligence
  2. Personality
  3. Learning and Motivation
  4. Meeting Life Changes: Stress

Part A: Law

  1. Concepts of Law
  2. Contemporary Legal Issues
  3. Important Land Laws in Rajasthan
  4. Crimes against Women and Children.
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